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idk a late night Kainora scribble seemed like a good idea


More dogs with their babies.

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*color codes everything*

square root

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Did Someone Say Cake?

I stared at these gifs for waaaaayyyyy longer than I should have.

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psychosematic replied to your photo “Usually it’s the girls who take this picture… not in my grade.”

i can ltiterally recognize noah from his body shape lmao

not surprised in the least

Usually it’s the girls who take this picture… not in my grade.

I’m calling it now:

Elliot will leave Keith at the alter just like stella left Ted oh my god what’s wrong with this actress playing a hot insecure doctor who leaves sweet guys at the alter???

weird/annoying things about Scrubs:

  • watching Elliot turn into Stella from himyim
  • how I know that JD is going to end up with Elliot and it’s pissing me off, like they had their chance twice??? (also like himyim)
  • Do they really expect me to watch the last two seasons without my favorite characters??
  • Jordan’s face (but I guess it’s the point that botox makes you look like plastic)
  • Why can’t they say The Todd is bi?? Like, is it really that hard?

I’m shitting myself, my school’s announcement about Model UN was literally “It’s a good way to stay updated on current events and looks good on your resume.”

I’d say I was surprised but with the teacher who wrote it I’m so fucking not.

well my basketball team just went from having 6 players and no coach to having 6 players and a WNBA player as a coach