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"airbenders are able to warm themselves with only their breathing"

ok so this explains why katara and sokka were bundled up in parkas galore while aang was just walking around in his little jump suit like it was a perfect summer evening. I’m so glad this was cleared up. I literally thought Aang’s optimistic attitude is what kept him warm, heavens. 

wow I just realized that I had been singing “think of little else” in the song These Streets as “think of little elves” oops

Lets talk about Po for a minute.



This is Po from Kung Fu Panda.image

He is literally an overweightimage


Who works at a fast food restaurantimage

With the worst luckimage


And yet becomes


This badassimage

Dragon Warrior

Who still actsimage



Who still hates hikingimage

And stairsimage

He uses his fatimage

To his advantageimage

And doesn’t let image

His tragic pastimage

Define himimage

This has been a Po appreciation post.

The notes make me happy because PO APPRECIATION

At first I thought it was a post about Edgar Allan Poe.


So Zuko isn’t the Firelord and is now just a Lord, and his daughter is the new Firelord? Then that means… Zuko’s true title is: The Fatherlord.


zuko, dad of dragon durk headcanon’s are very important to me. actually, zuko’s daily life is very important to me. or just. zuko

Hi, my name is Tamar and I overuse parenthetical and hyphenated statements 


I did it. I made something I am really, truly happy with. 

“Can fish love?”
a question posed by the research assistant to the administrative assistant just now



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The Google trend for the search query “quadratic formula”.

It repeats in the same pattern every year. Down in summer, up in September, down again in December and up again in spring time before going down again in the summer. And so it goes on forever.

Shira tagged me in the “six selfies you feel good in” whoopse not all of them are selfies also I don’t know how to not make them in this layout???

I’m just gonna get out of this easy and say that I tag whoever wants to do this


'twas nominated by nol to do this “six selfies you feel good in” thing

I tag amwhypond, demigendr, lemmonysnippets, and pininglock

scrubs is one of those shows that I would always watch a few episodes of here and there… so i think I’m just gonna watch all of it now…